20 September 2006

The South Oxford

We left the Thames this morning and joined the South Oxford at Wolvercote Junction and are now moored at Thrupp using an unsecured wireless network.

Our stay on the Thames above Osney Bridge was very pleasant, we spent a very enjoyable day with Janet and Terry Kirkpatrick.

We now plan to arrive at Crick in about ten days and then sort out how to get our car back to Crick! A serious shopping expedition to MorrisonÂ’s at Banbury is on the plan along with side visits to Wetherspoons and Aldi.

11 September 2006

River Thames

August was spent pottering on the Thames between Teddington and Staines with many stops at Minima to have the benefit of the electrical hook-up.


We moored at places we had never stopped at before, had trips to pubs with friends and visits home to make wedding cakes etc.


On the Tuesday after August Bank Holiday we left Pluto with Dave Bedford and temporarily moved into No.48. It was strange living in the house for a few days. Jackie and Ian were married on Saturday 2nd September, so we stayed in a hotel that night, had lunch with the new extended family in Southampton on the Sunday and moved back on board Pluto on the Monday.


Tuesday we set off from Molesey in cruising mode, twenty miles to get above Windsor and out of the pottering area!


Today, one week later finds us in Oxford. We are hiring a car tomorrow, to go to Morden where my cousin, Patsy, will be scattering my Uncle Chuck’s ashes with a few members of the family. As she has flown from California for this, our journey is simple.


From here we will go to Lechlade and return to cruise north on the South Oxford, ultimately to Crick.