04 April 2006

Crick Marina - 1st Visit This Year

Having spent February on board the MV van Gogh, a cruise ship sailing out of Falmouth, via the Caribbean and back to Falmouth, we rather put off the idea of going on board Pluto.

We opened Pluto up on Saturday, 1st April. A good day as it was Terry’s 13th anniversary of the, “First Day of the Rest of My Life”. Terry left work that long ago. We celebrated by a meal in the Red Lion, Crick with good company, our first visit to Crick and the Red Lion for five months.

Our absolute first job was to replace the door catch on the stove, it had seized back in October after our first usage of the new, Villager stove. The spindle had sheared, it had to be drilled out, the hole enlarged and the knob trimmed to provide extra clearance. Having got the fire alight life on board was comfortable again, aided by the warmer weather.

This being a replacement for our first stove installed in 1993, we are now learning how to manage the beast. For instance, Terry was relighting the stove at 6:00am this morning with a couple of degrees of frost outside.

This blog comes courtesy of one of our neighbours who has an open wireless network to his broadband connection. Thanks!!