27 June 2009

Rickmansworth to GU Tring Summit

Today, Saturday sees us moored on the Grand Union Tring Summit level. This is the first milestone of this cruise, it is now downhill all the way to Milton Keynes!

We left Tesco's at Rickmansworth after a nice breakfast to stop for lunch at Cassio Park. June then made a phone call to her cousin Jeff and this resulted in Jeff and Val driving over from Watford for a drink or two. The drink or two turned into an invitation to Dinner at a fantastic local pub, where Jeff and Val appeared to be well known!

The whole afternoon and evening were very pleasent and will have to be repeated.

Early Thursday morning we left Cassio Park, stopped at Sainsbury's Apsley for a small shop and lunch, before continueing to a mooring above Hemel Hempstead. This was the first day that we got away from the "dossers" who plague the waterways on the outskirts of London!

Friday saw us moored in Berkhampstead for breakfast. Friday evening Terry and Wendy joined us for a lovely dinner in Cafe Rouge. A super social occasion. We left Berkhampstead before breakfast this morning as the forcast is for hot weather!

Yesterday we made an important descision on this voyage, it is to be the "Thames Ring".


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