24 June 2009

Home to Rickmansworth

Having returned from a week on the Norfolk Broads, sailing in "Bure Classic", we loaded our goods and chattels onto Pluto on Friday 19th June and left home on Sunday 21st June. Sunday evening saw us in Minima YC for, "Sunday Bar Night" and Monday lunch time we set off for Teddington and Brentford. Alan Jales from MYC joined us for the afternoon.

Tuesday morning, bright and early, we set off to Bulls Bridge having bacon sarnies after the locks, Hanwell flight and Norwood locks. We rested and shopped til 16:00 hrs and mored for the night above Uxbridge lock.

After another crack o' sparrow f*** start, we stopped for breakfast at Tesco's Rickmansworth. We plan to continue this afternoon.

Have a look at my photos.

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