02 May 2008

A Message from Banbury


I am sitting in Wetherspoons, Banbury drinking a pint of Breakspears using the free wi-fi.

We left home on Sunday with Michael, great day in the marina drinking with friends.

Monday June cadged a lift to go shopping in Daventry and we left the marina Tuesday mid morning. We dodged the showers at lunch time and moored just below the admiral nelson in the braunston flight.

Wednesday morning we met Ruth Bryant for an early morning coffee before setting off for Napton. Did not quite manage to miss a hail storm but stayed drier under an umbrella than getting wet mooring up. We moored for the rest of the day in the napton flight and watched the rain come down!

Thursday saw us crossing the Oxford summit, hence the message, "Downhill to Molesey".

Missed the lunch time shower by being in wetherspoons now!!

Bye for now


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