19 July 2007

Birstall - River Soar

We have finally set off on our summer cruise, we thought we had a plan when
we came home after a week on the Norfolk Broads but this was not to be as
the weather was so awful!

Our boating this year started when we left Crick Marina on the Monday before
the Spring Bank Holiday, to avoid the Crick Show. We spent a very relaxed
three weeks going to the top of the Ashby and back, visiting Coventry City
Centre on the way. It was 50 engine hours of cruising spread over three
weeks. This was also our first cruise using our new solar panel – a great
success, wish we had fitted one years ago.

We left Crick on Saturday 14th July bound for the River Soar and Trent
Junction to visit Steve Thomas, in Nimrod, moored outside his new house. The
Leicester Summit was pleasant as usual, we hit Foxton at about 10 am on the
Sunday, went straight in and was out of the bottom lock 40 mins later!!

We arrived in Leicester City Centre on Wednesday, July 18, 2007 just before
a torrential down pour. We moved to Birstall yesterday in order to get tele
reception and a more village like place to ride out the predicted bad
weather over the next couple of days. We hear that the River Trent is
open/closed so often that we fully expect to have to wait some days at the
mouth of the Soar before we can get across the Trent to the Erewash where
Steve lives.

More news as we progress and get some sort of internet connection.

Terry and June


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