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27 June 2009

Rickmansworth to GU Tring Summit

Today, Saturday sees us moored on the Grand Union Tring Summit level. This is the first milestone of this cruise, it is now downhill all the way to Milton Keynes!

We left Tesco's at Rickmansworth after a nice breakfast to stop for lunch at Cassio Park. June then made a phone call to her cousin Jeff and this resulted in Jeff and Val driving over from Watford for a drink or two. The drink or two turned into an invitation to Dinner at a fantastic local pub, where Jeff and Val appeared to be well known!

The whole afternoon and evening were very pleasent and will have to be repeated.

Early Thursday morning we left Cassio Park, stopped at Sainsbury's Apsley for a small shop and lunch, before continueing to a mooring above Hemel Hempstead. This was the first day that we got away from the "dossers" who plague the waterways on the outskirts of London!

Friday saw us moored in Berkhampstead for breakfast. Friday evening Terry and Wendy joined us for a lovely dinner in Cafe Rouge. A super social occasion. We left Berkhampstead before breakfast this morning as the forcast is for hot weather!

Yesterday we made an important descision on this voyage, it is to be the "Thames Ring".


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24 June 2009

Home to Rickmansworth

Having returned from a week on the Norfolk Broads, sailing in "Bure Classic", we loaded our goods and chattels onto Pluto on Friday 19th June and left home on Sunday 21st June. Sunday evening saw us in Minima YC for, "Sunday Bar Night" and Monday lunch time we set off for Teddington and Brentford. Alan Jales from MYC joined us for the afternoon.

Tuesday morning, bright and early, we set off to Bulls Bridge having bacon sarnies after the locks, Hanwell flight and Norwood locks. We rested and shopped til 16:00 hrs and mored for the night above Uxbridge lock.

After another crack o' sparrow f*** start, we stopped for breakfast at Tesco's Rickmansworth. We plan to continue this afternoon.

Have a look at my photos.

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29 May 2009

Basingstoke Canal - Brookwood Rally - Spring Bank Holiday

We now have mobile broadband on board Pluto so we plan to blog on our travels again. Originally we planned to go onto the Basingstoke in mid-May, cruise to Odiham and return to Brookwood for the rally over Spring Bank Holiday weekend. However Deep cut locks were unavailable so we went nowhere before the rally. The Brookwood Rally was a low key event used as a feeder for the Odiham Rally the following weekend. Due to various commitments we were unable to go on to Odiham, so returned to moorings at Hampton. On the Saturday at Brookwood we were visited by very good friends fro Minima Yacht Club, Pat & Les and Phil & Shirely who all live locally. An excellent lunch was held on the Rally site at Brookwood Country Park, followed by an evening BBQ at Phil & Shirley's. Terry Have a look at my photos. http://picasaweb.google.com/terry.carterfamily Full Member of Fred Olsen Ski Club Message from: - Terry Carter 48 Kings Chase East Molesey Surrey KT8 9DG 020 8941 7458 07885 399 324 E-mail to: - terry@carterfamily.co.uk terry.carterfamily@gmail.com Skype me:- terrycarter6969 Web Page www.carterfamily.co.uk Check out:- http://www.saynoto0870.com/

02 May 2008

A Message from Banbury


I am sitting in Wetherspoons, Banbury drinking a pint of Breakspears using the free wi-fi.

We left home on Sunday with Michael, great day in the marina drinking with friends.

Monday June cadged a lift to go shopping in Daventry and we left the marina Tuesday mid morning. We dodged the showers at lunch time and moored just below the admiral nelson in the braunston flight.

Wednesday morning we met Ruth Bryant for an early morning coffee before setting off for Napton. Did not quite manage to miss a hail storm but stayed drier under an umbrella than getting wet mooring up. We moored for the rest of the day in the napton flight and watched the rain come down!

Thursday saw us crossing the Oxford summit, hence the message, "Downhill to Molesey".

Missed the lunch time shower by being in wetherspoons now!!

Bye for now


Have a look at my photos.

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08 August 2007

Back Home

Pluto is now back in Crick Marina and we are spending a few days at home.

This is not the year for river trips so we may take the Grand Union towards London in a week or so as our next trip.

27 July 2007

Kilby Bridge

We are now breakfasting at Kilby Bridge on the Grand Union Leicesterline, having aborted our voyage on the River Soar to the Trent.


After leaving Leicester City Centre, a very nice secure mooring virtually in the city centre, we went down river to Birstall where we stayed a couple of nights, Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday evening was a bit fraught with the local yobs unmooring an unattended boat and later on two little girls stealing one of our solar lights off the roof!


With the promise of dreadful weather on the Friday we moved on to the head of the next lock, Thurmaston to ride out the storm. The water rose about three feet! We had access to the local ASDA, sanitary station and a large shopping centre. We were very comfortable.


We were able to leave Thurmaston on Tuesday and we decided to abort our river trip and return to the canal section. We are now making our way slowly back to Crick via Market Harborough.



19 July 2007

Birstall - River Soar

We have finally set off on our summer cruise, we thought we had a plan when
we came home after a week on the Norfolk Broads but this was not to be as
the weather was so awful!

Our boating this year started when we left Crick Marina on the Monday before
the Spring Bank Holiday, to avoid the Crick Show. We spent a very relaxed
three weeks going to the top of the Ashby and back, visiting Coventry City
Centre on the way. It was 50 engine hours of cruising spread over three
weeks. This was also our first cruise using our new solar panel – a great
success, wish we had fitted one years ago.

We left Crick on Saturday 14th July bound for the River Soar and Trent
Junction to visit Steve Thomas, in Nimrod, moored outside his new house. The
Leicester Summit was pleasant as usual, we hit Foxton at about 10 am on the
Sunday, went straight in and was out of the bottom lock 40 mins later!!

We arrived in Leicester City Centre on Wednesday, July 18, 2007 just before
a torrential down pour. We moved to Birstall yesterday in order to get tele
reception and a more village like place to ride out the predicted bad
weather over the next couple of days. We hear that the River Trent is
open/closed so often that we fully expect to have to wait some days at the
mouth of the Soar before we can get across the Trent to the Erewash where
Steve lives.

More news as we progress and get some sort of internet connection.

Terry and June

13 March 2007

South of France

Having cancelled our World Cruise due to June's knee problem, we are
having a little R & R staying with our friends Anne and Ian at their
house in the South of France close to the Spanish border.

Life is very comfortable down here.

We plan to resume boating in the UK over Easter, weather permitting.

18 January 2007

Instead of Cruising!

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03 January 2007

World Cruise Cancelled

Unfortunately we have had to cancel our world cruise due to June having a problem with her right knee and wrist.
Currently we are  awaiting a hospital appointment, June having had blood tests and x-rays.

06 December 2006

World Cruise 2007 - Van Gogh

Next month, January 4th, the crew of Pluto will desert the UK for three months to cruise around the world.

Slightly larger than Pluto, the Van Gogh is about 500ft long by 70ft beam, approx 15,000tons.

For those of you who are interested, here is our itinerary:-




4th January 1600

Cruising at Sea


7th January 2000

8th January 1230

Cruising at Sea

ST JOHN'S. Antigua

14th January 1100 1900

POINTE-A-PITRE. Guadeloupe

15th January 0800 2300

Cruising at Sea


17th January 0800 1600

Cruising at Sea

SAN BLAS. Panama

19th January 0900 1600

Cruise through PANAMA CANAL

20th January 2000

Cruising at Sea

MANTA. Ecuador

22nd January 1100 1600

Cruising at Sea

Cruise past GALAPAGOS

24th January 0800 2000

Cruising at Sea

HIVA QA. Marquesas Islands

1st February 0800 1300

Cruising at Sea


3rd February 1500

4th February 2200

BORA. BORA. French Polynesia

5th February 0900 1800

Cruising at Sea


10th February 0900 2100

Cruising at Sea

SUVA. Fill Islands

12th February 0700 1200

Cruising at Sea

TAURANGA. New Zealand

16th February 0800 2100


17th February 0800 1500

Cruising at Sea

SYDNEY. Australia

20th February 1600

21st February 1800

Cruising at Sea


23rd February 0700 1300

Cruising at Sea

FREMANTLE for Perth). Australia

28th February 0800 1800

Cruising at Sea

PORT LOUIS, Mauritius

9th March 1300 2200

ST DENIS. Reunion

10th March 0800 1400

Cruising at Sea

DURBAN. South Africa

14th March 1500 2200

Cruising at Sea

CAPE TOWN, South Africa

17th March 0800

18th March 1500

Cruising at Sea


23rd March 0700 1300

Cruising at Sea

GEORGETOWN. Ascension Island

25th March 1400 1900

Cruising at Sea


30th March 0700 1300

Cruising at Sea

FUNCHAL. Madeira

2nd April 1400 2200

Cruising at Sea


6th April 0700

12 October 2006

Back at Crick

Pluto is now back at Crick Marina, safely berthed in the alcoholics corner.


She is due to be dry docked on the 23rd October for a bottom wash and blacking.


However we are deserting her to sail on White Moth on the Norfolk Broads, 13th – 15th October to celebrate our Ruby Wedding! We will be joined on board by the kids and their spouses. After that it will be back to Crick to do a few jobs before and during the blacking.

20 September 2006

The South Oxford

We left the Thames this morning and joined the South Oxford at Wolvercote Junction and are now moored at Thrupp using an unsecured wireless network.

Our stay on the Thames above Osney Bridge was very pleasant, we spent a very enjoyable day with Janet and Terry Kirkpatrick.

We now plan to arrive at Crick in about ten days and then sort out how to get our car back to Crick! A serious shopping expedition to Morrison’s at Banbury is on the plan along with side visits to Wetherspoons and Aldi.

11 September 2006

River Thames

August was spent pottering on the Thames between Teddington and Staines with many stops at Minima to have the benefit of the electrical hook-up.


We moored at places we had never stopped at before, had trips to pubs with friends and visits home to make wedding cakes etc.


On the Tuesday after August Bank Holiday we left Pluto with Dave Bedford and temporarily moved into No.48. It was strange living in the house for a few days. Jackie and Ian were married on Saturday 2nd September, so we stayed in a hotel that night, had lunch with the new extended family in Southampton on the Sunday and moved back on board Pluto on the Monday.


Tuesday we set off from Molesey in cruising mode, twenty miles to get above Windsor and out of the pottering area!


Today, one week later finds us in Oxford. We are hiring a car tomorrow, to go to Morden where my cousin, Patsy, will be scattering my Uncle Chuck’s ashes with a few members of the family. As she has flown from California for this, our journey is simple.


From here we will go to Lechlade and return to cruise north on the South Oxford, ultimately to Crick.

03 August 2006

Still on the River Thames

Saturday night at MYC was a disaster for Pluto, between 11:00 and 11:20pm two dinner plates were thrown at her while she was moored to MYC’s jetty and we were inside the clubhouse. The good news is that the yobs were poor aimers, they missed the windows! The impact was sufficiently hard to raise the metal. We are well on the way to completing the partial repaint needed.


We are continuing our short voyages on the Thames and stopping at places we have always passed by before. Yesterday we had a super lunch in Walton on Thames with Guy Cook, steak salad and chips at Wetherspoons with 2 pints of Spitfire and a glass of Shiraz.


This week end June is off to London for a Mother and Daughter Hen do for Jackie, soon to be our daughter-in-law.


We plan a short trip on the River Wey later in the month.

27 July 2006

River Thames

Eight days ago we locked out of Limehouse at 0600, apart from picking up debris on the prop off HMS Belfast we had a very pleasant trip up river and moored at Minima YC for the rest of the day and night. Naturally it was Wednesday, evening sailing and bar night!


Thursday saw us moored at Molesey opposite Hampton SC, so we spent time going to the house to do the washing, catch up on the post etc. A very strange thing happened on Thursday evening, we were asked if we came from Crick, June explained that we moored at Crick and that the car was there and we needed it. This guy was working in Molesey, staying in a B&B Monday to Friday and lived close to Crick. The outcome was that he gave me a lift to the Marina on his way home. Isn’t life amazing?


We spent most of the weekend at Lady Lindsey’s Lawn, Shepperton, until we had a call Sunday morning from our Ian, who was driving back from a wedding in Norfolk with Jackie and Tim and Kate in another car. They ended up having a BBQ with us back at Molesey. It was very good.


We have moored in Sunbury and have been to Chertsey Lock for water, mooring on Chertsey Mead for the night. Today sees us back at Molesey and visiting home. We will be at Minima YC on Saturday.

20 July 2006

Return to the Thames

We decided to finish our time on the Lee and Stort by going in one day from Enfield to Limehouse Basin. Above Enfield is wonderful, below a drudge. So we set off very early due to the forecast temperatures and were going great until the very last lock before Limehouse. We were informed by BW that the navigation was closed due to a fire!


We had to retrace our steps to the Hertford Union cut, climb three locks to the junction with the Regents Canal and drop down four locks to the basin, all instead of ONE lock!


We stayed two nights in the basin, taking time to explore a little of Canary Wharf.


Now we are moored outside Minima Yacht Club, ready for tonight’s sailing and bar night. Tomorrow we go home to do the washing etc.

14 July 2006

Rivers Lee and Stort

After attending Ray’s very successful Pub Party, by tube from Little Venice, we have joined the Rivers Lee and Stort and cruised both to Bishops Stortford and Hertford. Once the long drag from East London is over, these rivers are a gem. The traffic is negligible, the scenery outstanding and life is very pleasant.


Terry and Wendy Stark spent a day with us, boating from Sawbridgeworth to Roydon.


By chance we found a Netto store selling Marston’s Single Malt at 99p for 500ml. An absolute bargain!


Purely by chance we discovered our ISP at home had gone, “tits up”! Nick did a bit of research and sent the results by email, so I have signed up with TalkTalk, to be connected in September. If the service is as good as the shop I went in it will be superb.


Incidently we have been relying on unsecured wireless networks for internet connection and generally it does not take much walking to find one.


We are now making our way slowly to Limehouse, where we will lockout on to the Thames at 0545 on Wednesday, Minima Yacht Club for the evening.


Terry and June

13 June 2006

Crick to Banbury

We have at last decided to go cruising, for various reasons we have dropped the idea of the Fens, instead of which we are on our way home via Oxford and the Thames.
We plan to get to Little Venice for 1st July, to go to Ray and Terry's party at the "Pub".
Today we arrived at Banbury having had to replace am alternator on the way. Oh the joys of "Boating".


04 April 2006

Crick Marina - 1st Visit This Year

Having spent February on board the MV van Gogh, a cruise ship sailing out of Falmouth, via the Caribbean and back to Falmouth, we rather put off the idea of going on board Pluto.

We opened Pluto up on Saturday, 1st April. A good day as it was Terry’s 13th anniversary of the, “First Day of the Rest of My Life”. Terry left work that long ago. We celebrated by a meal in the Red Lion, Crick with good company, our first visit to Crick and the Red Lion for five months.

Our absolute first job was to replace the door catch on the stove, it had seized back in October after our first usage of the new, Villager stove. The spindle had sheared, it had to be drilled out, the hole enlarged and the knob trimmed to provide extra clearance. Having got the fire alight life on board was comfortable again, aided by the warmer weather.

This being a replacement for our first stove installed in 1993, we are now learning how to manage the beast. For instance, Terry was relighting the stove at 6:00am this morning with a couple of degrees of frost outside.

This blog comes courtesy of one of our neighbours who has an open wireless network to his broadband connection. Thanks!!

29 September 2005

Market Harborough

On Monday we set out on what is probably our last cruise of the season. Monday and Tuesday nights were spent out in the wilds of the Leicester Summit and on Wednesday we locked down Foxton and moored just along the line to Leicester, but we reversed there! Today we are in Market Harborough, this post is from the public library. I am on my way to Wetherspoons to meet June, who is as usual patrolling the shops. We may venture a little way along towards Leicester, no locks, or we may start a gentle cruise back to Crick. We appear to have a plan to go to Cornwall for a week early in October.

17 September 2005

Crick and Home

Saturday was a diabolical day, it rained all day so we stayed put and watched the hire boats go by! We set off at 6:30 Sunday morning from the bottom of Braunston Locks and was moored in Crick Marina by 11:00. It was worth getting up for, to be able to make the trip easily at our pace and no hold ups. We returned home on Wednesday and will live in our house for a week before returning to Pluto.

09 September 2005


The engine service was carried out at Banbury after spending the previous night at Somerton. Whilst working on the engine a few loose bolts were found. For peace of mind I also checked the engine alignment. All was ok. As a reward we went to Wetherspoons for Steak Club, excellent steak, wine and beer, all at bargain prices!

We are now moored in Braunston, about to have dinner tonight with Ruth and Toby Bryant.

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05 September 2005

Thrupp - Sunday

We turned round yesterday at Thrupp, whilst using the pit stop services, a fill up with water and loo emptying; June walked with Jade to the Co0op at Kidlington for a Sunday newspaper.

We ended up going back to the same mooring above Gibraltar that we used on Saturday night. Some beautiful weather and a spectacular thunder storm Sunday night.

The bad news is that the engine is now due a major service, engine and gear box oils and all filters. The equivalent of, "Get out and get under time!".

Yes we are on our way back to Crick!

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31 August 2005

Banbury (Cross?)

On a superb day we arrived at Banbury just before 0900. I am writing this in Banbury Library! Yesterday we spent at Cropedy, no evidence of the festival that Mrs B and company went to. Had a superb pint of beer in the Red Lion and today we plan to hit Wetherspoons here. We are hoping to see my Uncle and Aunt, Tam and Grace for lunch here in Banbury tomorrow. Hanley enjoyed his birthday party yesterday, he was twelve!

29 August 2005

Fenny Compton

Its Bank Holiday Monday, the sun is shining, what's gone wrong?

We are still following the get up early, cruise early and stop early routine. Yesterday, just after six we set off for the Napton flight and arrived at the bottom lock for 0800. June stayed in bed while I took the wherewithal for tea making to the helm and made tea while cruising. She was up for locking and we had a nice clear run up the Napton flight. I wanted to stop at 0900 on the Engine Arm, but June said two more locks, they took over an hour! We stopped at Marston Doles for the rest of the day.

This morning, same routine starting at 0620, moored at Fenny Compton at 0900. In the next half hour many hire and private boats left Fenny, we walked to the village for a little light shopping and a newspaper.

We may get to Oxford, the current plan is Cropedy tomorrow and Banbury on Thursday. After that we will see.

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27 August 2005

Off Again!

We left Crick Marina at 0700 on Friday 26th, bound for Watford Locks, as they opened at 0800. We were very surprised to find a hire boat filling with water at the top lock, they waved us on, so we were first down the flight. The essence of this cruise is that we will travel early in the day, but only a few hours a day. By 1000 we were moored for the rest of the day, on the main line, just south of Daventry reservoir. We spent a pleasant day doing a number of simple, but useful jobs on the boat and walking up to the reservoir with the dogs.

On Saturday we were moored in Braunston at 0815, for a newspaper, breakfast at The Gongoozler and visits to both chandlers. We then staggered round the corner, past the puddlebanks and are moored on a nice piece of armcote with a view! Tomorrow we will set off for Oxford, we may turn around before getting there though. - Watch this space!!

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18 August 2005

Return to Crick

Today we are returning by road to Crick, to move back on board. On Saturday we will be going to Elaine & Gordon’s wedding in Crick and later in Yelvertoft. The day will start with breakfast for the men at Kilsby, where I got nicked for speeding, at 0800!

We may go gentle cruising some days later, possible destination, Oxford.

12 August 2005

Crick Marina and Home

Well we did not make it to Braunston on Tuesday, we ended up close to Hillmorton Locks, by the golf course.

Wednesdaysaw us setting off at 05:20, passing through Braunston at 08:30 and then climbing the locks with very agreeable company. We waited an hour at Watford and arrived at Crick at 14:00; very knackered!

A superb steak at the Red Lion rounded off the day nicely. Thursday we drove home, and so finished a long but enjoyable voyage.

The main towns we visited were; Warwick, Birmingham, Worcester, Tewkesbury, Gloucester, Sharpness, Stourport, Nantwich, Middlewich, Runcorn, Hanley, Leek, Stoke-on-Trent, Stone, Shugborough, Rugby and back to Crick.

The boring statistics:- 485 miles, 350 locks with 218 engine hours. Make what you like of that! We plan to return to Crick on Thursday 17th.

08 August 2005

Apres Shugboroug - Bottom Of Atherstone Flight

Well we survived the weekend; the music, fireworks and company were great.

Each day of the music involved an advance party setting off for a half hour walk to the site with chairs etc to claim our encampment, while waiting they drunk beer. The two evening performances were very good as they included fireworks. Sunday afternoon was very pleasant as we sat in the sun to listen and then walked back to the boats in the daylight - a novelty!

Because we have to get back to home quickly we have set off on long days journies, today we cruised non stop for eleven hours setting off at 05:00, yes 5 am!!!

It was worth it as we did not meet another moving boat until 0800.

Tomorrow we hope to get to Braunston.

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04 August 2005

Shugborough Music & Fireworks Weekend

Yesterday, Wednesday, we arrived at Great Haywood for the Shugborough Weekend; we made contact with Sue and Dave on G-lands and joined them at Little Haywood. Here we await the arrival of the Sween and Critical Point, due today!

Our arrival at Stone on Monday was fraught, with what should have been a 2.5hr journey taking 4hrs. The only consolation being that it was far worse in the opposite direction. We took a lay day on Tuesday, for visits to laundrette and Wetherspoons, the traffic passing us was negligible! Morrison's was also useful as a source of Manx kippers!

The music starts tomorrow evening and ends Sunday afternoon. Monday we have to set off early for long days of cruising so that we can get back home for the end of next week.

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31 July 2005


It is Sunday again and we have left the Caldon Canal, passed through Etruria and are well on our way to Tixal Wide.

We encountered some very strange things on the Caldon, at Froghall is the famous tunnel, where to pass through your boat has to be less than 5 feet above water line at the roof and less than 5 feet wide at roof top. My guess is that less than 5% of boats are that small! So someone has spent £2,000,000 building a new lock and restoring a basin, now fitted with floating mooring jetties as well!! Equally silly is the services block; they are all on the far side of the tunnel and therefore inaccessible!

On our way back to Etruria we met Sid, of Sid & Joyce fame, Half past four, now members of the Stoke-on-Trent Boat Club.

We are comfortably moored, almost out side the Wedgwood factory, a few miles and locks above Stone, which we may get to tomorrow. This morning we came down the Stoke flight, which finished in a new tunnel under some new road junction, the tunnel is single width, has a bend in it and boats travelling south have right of way. BW canal builders can never have used a boat!

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