27 July 2006

River Thames

Eight days ago we locked out of Limehouse at 0600, apart from picking up debris on the prop off HMS Belfast we had a very pleasant trip up river and moored at Minima YC for the rest of the day and night. Naturally it was Wednesday, evening sailing and bar night!


Thursday saw us moored at Molesey opposite Hampton SC, so we spent time going to the house to do the washing, catch up on the post etc. A very strange thing happened on Thursday evening, we were asked if we came from Crick, June explained that we moored at Crick and that the car was there and we needed it. This guy was working in Molesey, staying in a B&B Monday to Friday and lived close to Crick. The outcome was that he gave me a lift to the Marina on his way home. Isn’t life amazing?


We spent most of the weekend at Lady Lindsey’s Lawn, Shepperton, until we had a call Sunday morning from our Ian, who was driving back from a wedding in Norfolk with Jackie and Tim and Kate in another car. They ended up having a BBQ with us back at Molesey. It was very good.


We have moored in Sunbury and have been to Chertsey Lock for water, mooring on Chertsey Mead for the night. Today sees us back at Molesey and visiting home. We will be at Minima YC on Saturday.


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