29 August 2005

Fenny Compton

Its Bank Holiday Monday, the sun is shining, what's gone wrong?

We are still following the get up early, cruise early and stop early routine. Yesterday, just after six we set off for the Napton flight and arrived at the bottom lock for 0800. June stayed in bed while I took the wherewithal for tea making to the helm and made tea while cruising. She was up for locking and we had a nice clear run up the Napton flight. I wanted to stop at 0900 on the Engine Arm, but June said two more locks, they took over an hour! We stopped at Marston Doles for the rest of the day.

This morning, same routine starting at 0620, moored at Fenny Compton at 0900. In the next half hour many hire and private boats left Fenny, we walked to the village for a little light shopping and a newspaper.

We may get to Oxford, the current plan is Cropedy tomorrow and Banbury on Thursday. After that we will see.

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